Honda NBC110 Super Cub Motorcycle - Honda NBC110 Postie Bike

The new Honda NBC110 Postie Bike is now in full swing and in use all across Australia. This bike initially had some negative feelings, we as Aussie’s don’t like change and the NBC110 has had big boots to fill in regards to the legendary CT110.

Make no mistake, the NBC110 is tougher than the CT110, it has much more power with…

Honda CT110 Postie Bike For Sale

APB Auto supply Honda CT110 Postie Bike parts and bikes to Postal Contractors, leaflet and pamphlet delivery business real estate agents looking to deliver their own advertising and of course the public.

We carry a huge range of Genuine and Aftermarket parts for the Honda CT110 Postie Bike and as the new Honda Cub becomes…

Honda NBC110 Postie Bike

he Honda CT110 comes to an end as Australia Post released the new NBC110 into service back in 2014.

1,871 new Honda NBC110s to the delivery network in 2014 (that’s 14 per cent of the total motorcycle fleet).

The new bikes are 60 per cent more fuel efficient than the old models and have…

Deltek Deckson Mini Bike

In 1969, Taiwanese Based Manufacturers who where exporting large numbers of mini bikes to the USA turned their attention to Australia.

At the same time the Sydney firm of John Deck and sons were developing their own prototype under the eye of engineering representive John Lane.

John Deck and sons examined the Taiwan designs and decided that limited Australian production would find…

You know a lot of customers say to me about the Postie Bike, “They are a small bike, not much can go wrong with them”.

Actually a lot can go wrong & need repairing on bikes directly from Australia Post.

The most common problem we find with Postie Bikes would be leaking or…

Honda CT110 Postie Bike For Sale

Is your Honda CT 110 leaking oil & not sure where it is coming from?

OK, I am not going to go into every single possibility.

What I am going to do is tell you that there is more than likely a 95% chance it is coming from…

Honda CT110 Cush Rubbers

I’d like to quickly cover cush rubbers & sprockets .

With all of the stopping & starting Australia Post bikes do it is phenomenal.

It is no wonder this wears out the chain & sprockets & of course your cush rubbers…