Honda CT110 Postie Bike For Sale Supplier QLD Caboolture Australia.

Honda CT110 Postie Bike For Sale

APB Auto supply Honda CT110 Postie Bike parts and bikes to Postal Contractors, leaflet and pamphlet delivery business real estate agents looking to deliver their own advertising and of course the public.

We carry a huge range of Genuine and Aftermarket parts for the Honda CT110 Postie Bike and as the new Honda Cub becomes available our range of Cub parts is growing.

Purchasing a second hand postie bike from Ebay or Gumtree does come with huge risks and pitfalls. These bikes normally have major oil or fork leaks washed away with a quick soap and suds making the bike look presentable until you get the bike home, of course this is then too late.

It is common for customers to purchase a cheap Postie Bike from these selling platforms only to discover when they try to get a Road Worthy Certificate that the bike needs major repair.

Just remember that these bikes are decommissioned from service FOR A REASON. You would not decommission a perfectly good 3-4 year old bike with say 30,000-35000K’s on the clock when these bikes can do 80,000K’s or more.

If your talking about economical or financial reasons to dispose of these bikes then it would make sense to squeeze every cent you could from them before it was not viable anymore to repair. So dear friends just be aware that in most cases you get what you pay for when it comes to second hand postie bikes.

How much for repairs ?

So how much will it cost to fix the bike I purchased so I can get it back on the road.

This is really a hard question but if the bike has recently been decommissioned, chances are it will need the forks fixed.


The forks evaporate fluid over time, the seals can perish making the front tyre chop out on one side or unevenly, this is also a good tell tale sign the forks need repairing. Considering the bike has spent it life going up and down gutters and driveways all day it is not surprising that the forks get a beating.

Chain and Sprockets

This is just a standard maintanence job, remember to replace the cush drive rubbers the same time you replace your chain and sprocket kit. This will save you heart ache and redoing the job later.


Most decommissioned bikes have tyres that need replacing and could have been another factor in the reason it was disposed.

So, in total you could be up for around $900-$1100 in cost and repairs to get the bike back on the road and ready for a RWC or Blue Slip.

If your looking for a Postie Bike and just want something ready to go without the hassles contact us here at APB Auto and we will give you the right advice. We are also happy to help if you have already purchased elsewhere and just need some assistance or guidance.

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