Honda NBC110 Postie Bike

Honda NBC110 Super Cub Motorcycle - Honda NBC110 Postie Bike

The new Honda NBC110 Postie Bike is now in full swing and in use all across Australia. This bike initially had some negative feelings, we as Aussie’s don’t like change and the NBC110 has had big boots to fill in regards to the legendary CT110.

Make no mistake, the NBC110 is tougher than the CT110, it has much more power with the fuel injection, electric start, it is simply built as an almost unbreakable work horse.

Postal Contractors prefer the new bike from most feedback and we must here at APB Auto we feel the same way. This bike was not chosen by mistake, it is a culmination of years of knowledge and experience from the Legendary Honda factory that supplied the predecessor.

I think I can safely say that if the CT110 was the “toughest bike in the world”, it has finally met it’s match or better with the new NBC110.

As always the NBC110 is solely imported by Australia Post and the bike is only available to the public as decommissioned bikes.

Decommissioned :

The Honda NBC110 Postie Bike gets decommissioned for numerous reasons, the most common being economics and the bike is simply not worth repairing back for road use.

Common Problems:

  • Forks. Our Australian heat can evaporate the fork fluid over time which leads to soft spongy forks that will not pass a Safety Certificate. The bike is relentlessly going up and down gutters which takes it toll on the bike.
  • Tyres and tubes are a common needed replacement.
  • Chain and sprockets will almost certainly need replacing.
  • Cush rubbers.
  • Oil leaks.
  • Cosmetic damage.
  • Clutch Work.
  • Timing Chain.

These are the basic common fixes needed on bikes from Australia Post, when it comes to economics it is not viable for Australia Post to spend the money on repairs that are needed to keep the bike on the road.

This is where we come in. We purchase parts in large quantities keeping these parts costs to a minimum.

This allows us to produce outstanding bikes ready to go back to work as a Postal Contractor bike or retire to an easy civilian life.