Hi everyone.

Is your Honda CT 110 leaking oil & not sure where it is coming from?

OK, I am not going to go into every single possibility.

What I am going to do is tell you that there is more than likely a 95% chance it is coming from one of these 3 different places.

1. Kick Starter Seal.
2. Gear Shaft Seal.
3. Sump Bolt Plug Washer.

With a 10mm socket, take off your kick starter & your gear shaft, this takes 2 minutes.

There are rubber seals on both sides and these oil seals wear out in general.

Chances are you will see the oil around the seals.

Using 2 very small flat screw drivers, pop out both seals, you can buy a pick set from the hardware store for little money that makes it a little easier , or sometimes they fall apart & you have to just carefully scrape out the broken bits of seal careful not to damage the area that the seal sits in, most cases this happens & the old seal ends up coming out in tiny pieces.

You may be lucky and the seal pops out in one piece but it does not matter as long as you get all the pieces and clean it well before putting in the new seal.

Now just rub a little oil around the inside of the new seals & using both thumbs, push the seal evenly back into place, replace both kick starter & gear shaft, finished.

Now, your going to do a basic oil change, start the bike & run it until motor is hot, then remove sump bolt & start to drain the oil.( careful, it’s hot!)
Now look at the bolt & washer, chances are the sump bolt washer has been reused so many times it no longer seals properly and hence leaks oil from the bottom of the bike.

So replace the washer & refill the bike with 0.9 of a litre of oil, finished.

These are the most common oil leaks we find & the easiest to fix.
Sometimes it is difficult to find oil leaks but if you check these 3 places, I am sure at least one if not all will be causing an oil leak.

Yes, we sell these seals in the shop, just check the size of your bolt, your bike may have had the sump hole resized & it may not be standard, we carry both size sump bolts so please check before buying, if your not sure just contact us.

Until next time, thankyou everyone for your comments, it is why I do them & I hope I have helped you even slightly.