Hi everyone.

You know a lot of customers say to me about the Postie Bike, “They are a small bike, not much can go wrong with them”.

Actually a lot can go wrong & need repairing on bikes directly from Australia Post.

The most common problem we find with Postie Bikes would be leaking or completely perished fork seals.

This is a fairly easy problem to spot as the damage is visible. You will normally see evidence in the form of small amounts of fork oil at the top of the forks, the forks themselves will be soft & sloppy when the front end is pushed on.

Another common problem would have to be hands down, cracked or completely perished Air Filter Casings.

When buying a second hand Postie Bike, you can almost guarantee that the filter casing will be cracked or damaged.

It is Important to regularly clean your air filter, so check the casing for cracks or damage, it seems to be a very common problem of over-tightening the back bolt that holds the casing to the frame, hence breaking the casing.

Almost every bike that we have sold, required either a new casing, or plastic welding to repair.

Honda sell them new for around $36 dollars,(that is just the casing, not new rubber seal or the end cap for the casing).

If you have a plastic welder nearby, around $15 will get your Air Box Casing fixed back to new.

With any bike, inspection before riding is essential for safe biking. It only takes a minute to check some basics like your Chain Tension, Forks, and the all important Tyre Pressure. Remember guys, your tyres are the only thing between you & the road so always take time to do the basic checks on your PB before heading on down the road.

Next month I’ll be talking some more about common problems with the little red rockets.

Until then, keep safe everyone !