Motul Chain Lubrication Paste

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Motul Chain Lubrication Paste





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Motul Chain Lubrication Paste

Motul Chain Lubrication Paste is simply a must.The Motul Chain Lubrication Paste will give considerably longer life from your chain.It is extremely important to keep your motorcycle, bike or even bicycle chain well lubricated with a quality lubricant.

Motul Chain Lubrication Paste is a White Lubricating Paste with brush applicator tip specially designed to lubricate all chains of road bikes and karts.

Specifications :

  • Chain Lubrication Paste
  • Feature Specially recommended for very fast motorcycles. Motul Chain Paste adheres to the chain even at high speeds.
  • SAE/DOT Standard −
  • Performance Reduces friction and therefore increases power.
  • Increases chain durability.
  • Water and salt resistant.
  • Permanently protects the chain against corrosion.
  • No action on seals.
  • Practical, cost effective, not cumbersome and non-inflammable.
  • Easy to store under the seat of the bike.
  • One 150ml tube allows about 10 effectuations
  • Recommendations The chain must be cleaned with Motul Chain Clean prior to the use of Motul Chain Paste.
  • Apply the paste and spread it on the whole length of the chain using the brush tip applicator.
  • A small quantity of paste is enough to lubricate all the chain. Do not apply a thick layer of paste.
  • Spread the paste on the whole chain and especially the inner parts until there is a thin and homogenous layer.
  • Motul Chain Paste adheres completely after a few minutes
  • Compatibility All types of chains (standard & with O-rings, X-rings, Z-ring.
  • Highly recommended for all chains – Motorcycle,Mini-Bike,Go-Kart,Bicycle.
  • Checkout the Product Video Tab at the top for correct application video.



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