Honda CT110 Oil Seals

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Honda CT110 Oil Seals

These Honda CT110 Oil Seals account for the majority of oil leaks on a postie bike. These seals are easily replaced by removing both the kick starter and gear lever using a seal puller. You may want to purchase our Universal Seal Puller to make the job easy.

For instructions on removing the seals see the description tab above.

  • Suits All Honda CT110 Motorcycles.
  • Kick Starter Seal.
  • Gear Shaft Seal.
  • If your Honda CT110 is leaking oil from the Gear Shaft or Kick Stater Shaft, chances are it is these 2 seals.The easy way to remove your seals is with our Universal Seal Puller,this really makes it easy.
  • RememberMake sure you thoroughly clean out the ports & use a piece of 600 grit paper to remove any old debris left over from the old seals.



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