Mini Bike Tyre / Tube 5″ Saw Tooth

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Mini Bike Tyre / Tube 5″ Saw Tooth

Mini Bikes.

Our Mini Bike Tyre / Tube 5″ Saw Tooth are similar if not the same as the old deltek deckson is a common universal tyre used from 1969 on.Used on many mini bikes and go-karts at this time it is a common replacement tyre for the older mini bikes.If your restoring a bike then our Mini Bike Tyre Performance 4.10/3.50-5 from Wanda is sure to Impress and is also an excellent choice.This Mini Bike Tyre / Tube 5″ Saw Tooth also comes with a heavy duty inner tube available separately of needed.

With a large range of mini bike parts and accessories,we have you covered from top to bottom.

  • 410/350 X 5 Saw Tooth Tyre tube set, 4 PLY, 3.5″ WIDE, 10.5″ OD.
  • This “Saw Tooth” tyre is the main pattern used back in the 60″s & 70″s.
  • The two main types of tyre pattern used for mini bikes where the saw tooth or universal pattern,both are available in our Webshop & both tyres come with tubes available.

The tube is available separately.

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Tyre / Tube

5" Saw Tooth Tyre, 5" Heavy Duty Tube


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