Mini Bike Fuel Tank

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Mini Bike Fuel Tank

Our Mini Bike Fuel Tank is manufactured by APB Auto.Made from the highest quality Stainless Steel and beautifully hand tig welded,it is Ideal for home-made mini bikes and go-karts.It also suits the Deltek and Deckson mini bikes as well as our APB Auto DINGO mini bike.

  • Stainless Steel Bowl.
  • Old School fuel tap. ( Fuel Tap screws to open screws to close.
  • Made to fit the Deltek Deckson mini bikes.
  • Specifically made to fit our APB AUTO Dingo mini bikes.
  • Length 18cm x Height x 10cm
  • Holds just under 2 litres – approximatley 1 – 3/4 Litres of Fuel.
  • Mini Bike Go Kart Fuel Tank – This tank is suitable as a mini bike or go kart fuel tank.
  • The top fuel cap does not have a breather hole, either a small breather hole can be drilled or a breather pipe should be fitted to allow the fuel to flow unrestricted. As customers use our tanks for varying uses, we leave the cap un-drilled for the purposes of choice.
  • Don’t forget to add a Fuel Tank Clamp in the option drop down menu.


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