Meccano Xmas Bundle Pack

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The Meccano Sports Roadster RC PLUS Meccano Motorcycle

This Meccano Pack makes a Great Gift for any boy BIG or small !

Meccano have helped educate children for generations ! Not many toys stand the test of time and Meccano is one that has not only survived through the years it has grown to be one of the most trusted brands on the market today.

The Roadster

Challenge the boundaries of your imagination as you combine the world of real engineering with RC technology!

The Meccano Roadster RC is a fully functional RC car that you build yourself! Put the pedal to the metal and race around any obstacle! Next, rebuild your Roadster RC into an RC Race Car.

The step-by-step instructions and real tools make it easy! When you are ready for something new, use the same Meccano set parts to bring your own ideas to life !

The working Roadster RC vehicle set includes 154 parts, 2 real tools and easy-to-follow instructions. Explore the mechanical wonders of the world as you bring the RC Roadster to life.

The Future is yours to build with Meccano! Ages 10+

  • Remote control.
  • Build 2 custom styles or build your own !
  • Hours of build fun and entertainment.
  • Fast Xmas Shipping !

Plus you get the Meccano Motorcycle Kit.

Meccano Motorcycle

This kit is one of our most popular Meccano kits so we have stocked up for xmas this year.

If you looking for a great xmas gift checkout our Xmas Bundle Pack.

Kick start your imagination as you explore the world of real engineering with the Meccano 5-in-1 Model Motorcycles Set. Construct a traditional motorcycle with a classic design. Once your ride is complete, you can take your bike out for a spin, or take it apart and build another style of motorcycle. Follow the instructions to build 1 of 5 unique motorcycles. After that its up to you and your imagination to create a motorcycle of your own design!

This 5-in-1 model set comes with 174 parts, 2 ergonomic tools and easy-to-follow instructions. Explore the mechanical wonders of the world with the 5-in-1 Model Motorcycles Set. Ages 8+.


  • The 5-in-1 Model Motorcycles Set comes with 174 durable metal and plastic parts.
  • Build your OWN STYLE !
  • Xmas Express Shipping.



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