Honda CT110 Postie Bike Motorcycle Caboolture QLD 4510

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Honda CT110 Postie Bike Motorcycle Caboolture QLD 4510 Lot # 165

Honda CT110 Postie Bike Motorcycle Caboolture QLD 4510

Honda CT110 Postie Bike Motorcycle has just been decommissioned by Australia Post and repaired back to working order. It is ready for a new owner and comes with a Road Worthy Certificate for QLD Only.


LOT # 165
Please quote this LOT NUMBER when inquiring about the bike.

For more information Call Greg – 0466 892472

MODEL / YEAR - 2010
First registered by Australia Post : 11/2010
Speedometer Reading : 27,728
VIN NO: JH2JD01U06K511626


Mechanical Repairs

Full Clean and Detail
This bike has been thoroughly hand detailed.
New Tyres and Tubes
We have put a 275 Claw Tread on the front and a 300 Claw Tread on the back of this bike as well as HD Vee Rubber Tubes.
Engine flush replacement oil Shell ADVANCE AX5.New sump bolt washer.
Fully Reconditioned Forks
The Majority of decommissioned bikes have forks that will not pass a RWC. This is a MAJOR reason why Australia Post dispose of bikes, this bike has had the forks extra stiffened to suit Postal Contractors looking for a bike that will take heavy work.
New Oils Seals Left & Right
The Majority of Oil Leaks are caused by these 2 seals. It takes time to clean them properly, a bike will not pass the RWC if it is leaking oil.
Spark Plug
To keep your Honda CT110 in top condition we use and Highly Recommend NGK Spark Plugs sold in our Web Shop.
Chain & Sprocket Kit
We use CHO-HO Heavy Duty Chain & Sprocket Kits on all of our refurbished bikes. If requested we can fit a 16 Tooth Go-Faster Sprocket.
Due to the side bags Australia Post wear out the fairings leaving white plastic showing.We use the same High Quality paint to respray the fairings back to new again.
QLD Road Worthy Certificate
We supply a QLD Road Worthy Certificate for this bike,all you have to do is Pay the Registration at the Transport Department using the Certificate we provide.No Transfer Fees- You can choose a 6 month or 12 month registration.
Stamp Duty
Don’t forget Stamp Duty is Applicable on the PURCHASE PRICE of the bike upon registration.
This bike would definitely suit any Postal Contractor,low K’s and ready for work.As a BONUS we have thrown in our custom Honda CT110 Seat Cover as a special Xmas Bonus- Don’t Miss This Great Bike
Local Buyers
We can deliver for a flat fee from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast.| Gold Coast / Tweed Heads = $150.| Brisbane / Sunshine Coast = $100.
Interstate Buyers
From our experience if the bike already has a QLD Road Worthy Certificate this is usually enough for the bike to pass any Interstate Inspections.Even with a QLD R.W.C. you will still need to follow your state requirements and pay the blue slip fee.
Interstate Shipping
We use a professional motorcycle freight company that specializes in motorcycles only.Your bike is FULLY INSURED the minute it is loaded into the truck in the event of an accident or worse.More than likely there is depot near you where you can save money and have the bike shipped from our Brisbane depot to a depot near you.

Depot to Depot.

Honda CT110 Motorcycle Specialists.

We have been specializing in the Honda CT110 Motorcycle for over 3 years.Building a solid reputation over this time,we know what our customers have come to expect.

Reliable,mechanically sound bikes are crucial for any postal contractor.That is why we do everything possible to ensure our bikes meet this standard.

Quality Bikes

  • Repairs can be quite expensive.Because we do all of our work here on site, and have some of the Largest Parts Suppliers in Australia,we can supply excellent High Quality Honda CT110 Motorcycles at an affordable price.
  • We have been repairing the Honda CT110 Motorcycle for so long we think we have it down pretty good,this makes us extremely competitive keeping prices as low as possible.Each bike goes through the exact same process ensuring each customer gets a High Quality Bike ready for work,fun or collecting.
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Honda CT110 Motorcycle Supplier-Caboolture QLD 4510.
  • Servicing all over Australia,we can ship your bike almost anywhere !


Additional information


This bike was completed on the 13/11/2015.
Customers please be aware that Australia Post are depleting all of these wonderful Motorcycle Icons of Australia.
We estimate that around March 2016 the last bikes will be over with no more available directly from Australia Post.

This will make demand for these bikes sky rocket as collectors and motorcycle enthusiasts scramble for the last bikes.

We do not take Trade Ins and our bikes are directly from Australia Post.

Call Greg- 0466 892 472


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