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Honda CT110 Postie Bike Coming To an End.

The Honda CT110 comes to an end as Australia Post released the new NBC110 into service back in 2014.

1,871 new Honda NBC110s to the delivery network in 2014 (that’s 14 per cent of the total motorcycle fleet).

The new bikes are 60 per cent more fuel efficient than the old models and have a number of improved safety features like plastic leg guards, improved maneuverability and brighter indicators. The NBC110 will progressively replace the entire fleet as old models are decommissioned.

With 2016 expected to be the year the old reliable CT110 comes to an end we are already seeing a major shortage and decline in the number of bikes being currently released as of 4/02/2016.

The feedback from a lot of the contractors we deal with is quite simply most prefer the old CT110. We have heard stories of the NBC110 spending more time in the work shop then on the road.

NBC110 Color

Honda NBC110 Postie Bike









Originally the NBC110 came out in a bright fluro green and yellow color,when the bike first came into service the colors did not go well standing out in our Australian greenery making the bikes visibility a major issue.


We believe at the release a few riders where involved in accidents as a result of the bikes visibility,the driver simply did not see the rider against the green background of trees and bushes that we all have in our front yards unless you live in the Simpsons desert.

I guess that is why the CT110 was red and something that was already a lesson learn”t. We believe a company now has the contract to paint all of the new NBC110 motorcycles RED & WHITE, what a great contract that must be with plenty of work for the next few years repainting the NBC110 . :-)

Contractors Feedback

We would love to hear from contractors or postal workers in regards to any news or opinions on the new NBC110. If you have something to say leave a reply at the bottom of this page and you can have your say.


We have started to get high quality replacement parts for the NBC110 and this range will grow over the coming 12 months.

To see the new NBC Category click the link below.

Honda NBC Motorcycle



  1. Laurie Faen

    Well I own a CT110 and I work as a Postie riding an NBC110 all day so I have a reasonable point of comparison.
    I think the CT is a much better looking bike and I find it’s suspension a bit smoother…but the NBC has that magic starter button, EFI and is a bit punchier and easier to live with.
    The plastic guards are actually pretty good and better than the crash bars on the CT…in tight squeezes.
    I wish the NBC didn’t have a locking fuel cap. Mine is really stiff 2 handed action to take on or off.
    I use a lambswool AusPost seat cover on dry days and its more comfortable than stock. The CT seat is softer.
    Tyres that come on the AusPost NBC are too road-oriented for all the grass and mud I negotiate on my round. Lots of slip-sliding with a full load of mail. They say we are going to be offered a more aggressive tyre soon.
    Front brakes on both bikes make that loud CLICK when you use the. Rear brakes sound like a bucket of mice and don’t work that well in reverse backing down hills.
    All in all, they are both Mighty Machines. There’s just a classic beauty to the CT that the NBC lacks, but that’s in the eye of this beholder.

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